I am Jessica Stengrim, a 29-year-old freelance print and media designer living in Fargo, North Dakota. I have 7+ years of design experience and thoroughly enjoy creating engaging designs across all mediums. As a multimedia designer, each project represents my deep-seated love for art and creativity!

Jessica Stengrim - Fargo DesignerMy educational history includes a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I graduated in 2010, with a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media and a focus on graphic design. I have invested my time working as a freelance print and media designer to help my clientele bring their brand and ideas to life. In addition, I devote my spare time exploring, researching, and practicing the techniques that will benefit my clients. The design world is constantly evolving and I enjoying keeping an eye on the latest typography, shape, color, and design trends. I am also anticipating adding photography to my list of services and am working on sharpening these skills to better be able to serve my clients.

I like to keep the design process playful and enjoyable for every client that I serve. In doing so, it helps keep the creative process flowing and allows for greater communication and creativity. Ultimately, this leads to a better result.

I try to devote a portion of my free time to personal design ventures to keep my mind challenged and allow for creativity to progress. When I’m not designing, you will find me hanging out with my glorious husband and beautiful children, ages 5 and 9. My loving family provides me with an overabundance of inspiration and adds color to my life.

Let me put my passion for web design, graphic design and photography to work for you! I regularly work with small business owners, advertising campaigns, nonprofits, bloggers and anyone in need of adding a creative touch to their project.

Skill Set

  • Web Design 70%

  • WordPress 95%

  • Graphic Design 85%

  • Print 98%

  • Logo Design 90%

  • Photography 55%